What type of helium regulator should I buy?

What type of regulator should you buy?

There are few different types of helium regulators out there depending on how much you want to spend and the applications you will be using it for.

Before we get into the types of regulators we should go over the basic types of balloons that are out there.

Although there are hundreds of different designs , sizes and shapes of balloons they can  typically be separated into 3 basic groups. Latex, mylar or foil and bubble balloons.

Latex and bubble balloons run a less risk of popping and can be filled up using the standard latex regulator. This is the most common  used and most likely you have seen it before. latex helium regulator  This regulator can come with or without a gauge and uses a tilt valve for inflation . If you own a car dealership or travel agency and just want to be able fill latex balloons only this regulator is for you.

The next regulator is the the mylar/foil regulator.  The benefits of this regulator is that it has a small tip to fit inside the mylar balloon as well as it has a pressure regulator inside. This stops inflation automatically so  the balloon doesn’t pop and inflates the mylar perfectly. This regulator also comes in the choice with or without a pressure gauge.

The last regulator we are going to talk about is the dual or combo regulator.  latex and mykar regulatorThis has both the tilt valve for latex and bubble balloons and the mylar outlet for foil type balloons. If you own a party rental store or getting into balloons and balloon decorations this would be your best bet.  It’s not to much more expensive and you will definitely save money in the long run. We also would suggest buying a regulator that has a pressure gauge. There is nothing worse getting to a job or having people ordering balloons and you thought you had enough but actually run out. ( It’s happened to us).

While we have only talked about the basic regulators there are many other helium regulators on the market but this should give a little better idea of where to start when choosing one.


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